Entry Systems

An Entry System is primarily used in residential properties and allows the occupant to identify visitors and permit access without physically going to the entry point. This can be particularly useful if you have a long driveway with an automatic gate or live on an upper level of a multi-tenanted residential building. This ability to identify the caller before access is actually granted to the premises also eliminates the possibility of an intruder forcing his or her way in when the door is initially opened.

Audio & Video Entry Systems

Audio and Video Entry System panels

There are two basic types of door entry systems, Audio Entry Systems and Video Entry Systems. As the name implies, an Audio Entry System provides the capability to speak and listen to callers before allowing entry via an electronic release lock. A Video Entry System on the other hand, displays an on-screen image of the caller as well as provides the capability to speak and hear, thus providing the additional security of being able to see who is calling at your premises.

Why Choose GSM?

Here at GSM Security, we are able to design, install, service and maintain a large selection of Entry Systems. We have extensive experience in fitting custom built Entry Systems, tailor made to meet your needs.

Our capabilities include (but are not limited to):

Entry System monitors
  • Audio Entry System
  • Video Entry System
  • Black & White and Full Colour Door Entry Systems
  • Suitable for Stand-Alone Properties or Multi-Tenanted Buildings
  • DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) Compliance
  • Access Control System, Fire Alarm and/or Burglar Alarm Integration
  • Vandal Resistant Entry Systems
  • Flush or Surface Mounted Designs

For additional information about our Entry Systems and how we can help you secure your property, please contact us.